Virtual Camps

Attend camp from home

We are pleased to continue to offer two types of virtual instruction in 2021!

Live Instruction Camp

Attend camp from home alongside a class of students.

On-Demand Video Camp

Participate from home with recorded materials at your own pace.

Six DNALC camps have been adapted for virtual instruction. In Virtual Camps:

  • Students receive a kit containing materials to complete labs. Kits can be shipped or picked up at a DNALC location. (Kits are not required for BioCoding.)
  • The DNA Barcoding and Genome Science camps require that DNA samples isolated at home be dropped off or shipped back OVERNIGHT to the DNALC (by USPS/FEDEx/UPS) for processing. The cost of shipping is to be covered by the student and their family.
    DNA Barcoding students return samples on Day 1 and Day 2 and Genome Science participants return samples on Day 1 only. 
  • Live camps are conducted on Zoom; recorded camps require an internet-connected device.

Virtual Camps

baggie cell illustration

Fun with DNA

In-Person | Virtual Live | On-Demand

Entry-level course in DNA science; entering grades 6–7

World of Enzymes

In-Person | Virtual Live | On-Demand

Intro to enzymes in molecular biology and industry; entering grade 8 & Fun alumni entering grade 7

Forensic Detectives

In-Person | Virtual Live | On-Demand

Intro to conventional forensic science; entering grades 9–10

DNA Barcoding

In-Person | Virtual Live | On-Demand

Use DNA barcoding to explore biodiversity; entering grades 10–12, or 9 with biology coursework


In-Person | Virtual Live

Intro to programming and bioinformatics; entering grades 11–12

Genome Science

In-Person | Virtual Live | On-Demand

Analyze the genetic complement of several organisms; entering grades 11–12 with advanced coursework or camp