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At the DNA Learning Center, we have invested more than 30 years in passionately delivering a hands-on learning approach to middle and high school science students. Now, our world-class center delivers the same enriching educational experience to students entering 6th through 12th grade across the United States through our array of virtual science camps.

Engaging with topics like genetics and molecular biology, students will learn invaluable scientific concepts while taking part in fun science activities kids can do at home. On-Demand camps offer a flexible time frame with independent activities and connection to an instructor.

We are pleased to continue to offer On-Demand virtual instruction.

On-Demand Video Camp

Participate from home with recorded
materials at your own pace.

With our On-Demand science summer camps, students have the opportunity to join at any time throughout the summer—from any location. These online virtual summer camps are self-paced, allowing students to have flexibility and control over their learning.

We provide pre-recorded daily lessons and prepared materials that can be completed independently or together as a class. With the camp, students will also have access to a DNALC educator, who can assist with any questions as well as troubleshooting labs and sharing results.

Virtual On-Demand camps include a kit, which features everything from lab materials to camp-specific workbooks and procedures. For your convenience, these kits can either be shipped straight to your home or picked up at your nearest DNALC location.

+ Unfortunately, due to constraints and costs for shipping kits and samples, we are unable to accept international On-Demand camp registrations.

Learn about Virtual On-Demand Camps

Virtual Camps

The following DNALC camps have been adapted for virtual instruction:

baggie cell illustration

Fun with DNA

In-Person | On-Demand

Entry-level course in DNA science; entering grades 6–7

World of Enzymes

In-Person | On-Demand

Intro to enzymes in molecular biology and industry; entering grade 8 & Fun alumni entering grade 7

Forensic Detectives

In-Person | On-Demand

Intro to conventional forensic science; entering grades 9–10

DNA Barcoding

In-Person | On-Demand

Use DNA barcoding to explore biodiversity; entering grades 10–12, or 9 with biology coursework

Genome Science

In-Person | On-Demand

Analyze the genetic complement of several organisms; entering grades 11–12 with advanced coursework or camp

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For fun kids' educational activities that incorporate hands-on learning and high-tech experimentation, you will not want to miss out on our virtual on-demand science camps. Whether your middle schooler is fascinated by enzymes or you want to cover DNA barcoding with your high schooler, our online summer courses for kids will allow them to immerse themselves in the world of science and learn from the best.

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