Summer Camp Frequently Asked Questions


What is the grade level of campers?
When a student has completed fifth grade they are eligible to apply for Fun with DNA, the first of the summer camp series. We offer courses through grade 12 and higher.
My child is extremely bright and advanced for their age. Can they be enrolled in a higher level camp than their grade level?
The majority of our campers are very intelligent and camp levels are structured accordingly. For this reason, we do not make exceptions.
Can my child enroll in more than one camp this summer?
Please read the list of camp prerequisites and grade levels (under Schedule & Quick Reference at left). In some cases, your child will be eligible to take more than one camp during the same summer.
I enrolled online and did not receive confirmation of enrollment or payment.
Confirmations are automatically generated and sent to the email address you entered during registration. Please confirm that you have entered the correct address.
How will I be notified that my child has been accepted into the camp of choice?
After receipt of your application and payment you will receive a confirmation email with all pertinent camp information.


How do I pay for a space in a camp?
Payment must be made by credit card, and the camp space will be held immediately. The charge will appear on the statement as "DNA Learning Center". Please remember to inform others using the credit card or reviewing the credit card statement that it is for a camp payment. Unfortunately, due to the expense and time involved to resolve disputed fees, it has become necessary to initiate the following: If you contact your credit card company because you do not recognize the summer camp tuition charged to your account, the funds are then held and are not available to us to cover tuition. At that point your camp enrollment will be CANCELLED. You will have to re-enroll and we cannot guarantee that your original camp choice will be available.

After Registration

How do I switch a camp date?
You can switch camp dates online within the My Account section of this site. Once you have registered your child for a camp, there will be a choice under the Completed Applications section to CHANGE CAMPS. You may switch dates up to three weeks prior to the start of the camp.
What is the summer camp cancellation policy?
All cancellation requests for paid applications must be in writing (email or letter*) and signed by parent or guardian (you can request cancellation of a registration through your DNALC Camp account). To be eligible for a refund, cancellation requests must be received by the DNA Learning Center a minimum of three weeks prior to the session start date – with no exceptions. For cancellation requests received after June 1st, a $75 administrative fee will be deducted from each refund. You will receive confirmation of your cancellation.

*To request cancellation by email, write to and include camper's name, camp, camp date, and unique four character code in the email. Send printed letters to DNA Learning Center – Summer Camps, 1 Bungtown Road, Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724.
When will I receive my refund after cancellation?
The DNALC can issue refunds (minus $75 if your request is after June 1st) directly to your credit card if it has been less than 60 days since your payment. Please allow 2-4 business days for processing refunds. If it has been more than 60 days since your payment, we will issue a check.

CSHL, Northwell Health, and City Tech Employee Discounts

As an employee of Northwell Health, am I eligible for reduced tuition?
A 20% tuition rebate is available to children of Northwell Health employees attending a camp only at the DNA Learning Center West location in Lake Success. The does not extend to grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc.
As an employee of CUNY City Tech, am I eligible for reduced tuition?
A 20% tuition rebate is available to children of CUNY City Tech employees attending a camp only at the DNA Learning Center NYC at City Tech location in Brooklyn. The does not extend to grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc.
As an employee of Northwell Health or City Tech, how do I apply for a rebate?
Once you have completed an application, pay for the camp in full. If you have indicated that you are a Northwell Health or City Tech employee, there will be a link on the My Account page to request a 20% rebate. You will be required to enter your department and employee identification number. DNALC staff will then verify your employment and your My Account page will be updated with the status of your request. Deadline date to request the rebate is September 6, 2019 – with no exceptions.
When will I receive my rebate?
After the student has completed the camp, the rebate will be credited to the credit card used if it has been less than 60 days since payment. A check will be issued if it has been more than 60 days since payment.
As a Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory employee, am I eligible for a discount?
Yes. A discount is available to children of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory employees attending a camp at the Dolan DNA Learning Center in Cold Spring Harbor. The discount does not extend to grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc. You will receive payment instructions in the Labwide announcement when enrollment begins. The deadline date to request your discount is September 6, 2019.

When Camp Begins...

Who do I notify if my child will be absent or late?
Please call the Dolan DNA Learning Center office at 516-367-5170 by 9:45 a.m. and provide your child's name and the camp they are attending. We will notify the camp instructor. Please understand that we cannot give prorated refunds for missed camp days.
Where are the camps located?
In 2019, camps will be held at the Dolan DNA Learning Center (which is not on the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory main campus); DNALC NYC @ City Tech, Brooklyn; DNALC West, in Lake Success, and on the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory main campus. Directions to each location are linked on the home page. Be sure to note the location of the camp for which your child is registered.
Can my child purchase lunch at the camp locations?
Food and drinks are not available for purchase at the camp locations. Students should bring lunch in a container labeled with their name. There is a refrigerator for lunches in paper bags at the Cold Spring Harbor location. To protect students with peanut allergies, we ask you to avoid sending lunches or snacks that contain peanuts, peanut oil, or any tree nut.
Do you offer transportation or lodging?
No, we do not offer transportation or lodging.
When is Parent Participation Day?
Although Parent Participation Day is usually on Friday, there are exceptions. Specific Parent Participation Day information for middle school camps is posted on the Parent Participation Days Calendar.

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