Forensic Detectives

DNA and Fingerprint

With the popularity of shows such as Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) the true nature of forensic science is often glamorized. As a result, TV viewers don’t have a true understanding of the field. Although DNA fingerprinting is a useful technique for forensic scientists, it certainly isn’t the only method used to solve crimes. Through a series of forensic labs and activities, participants will experience forensics in a more realistic fashion than conveyed during prime time.

In this camp, participants will:

  • use techniques employed by real CSI experts to analyze a "crime scene" and collect evidence;
  • analyze evidence collected at a "crime scene" such as fibers, fingerprints, footprints, hair, and blood;
  • investigate how forensic anthropology can be used to identify victims;
  • perform a real DNA fingerprint with their own DNA using a Bioanalyzer; and
  • learn more about specific fields of forensic science including pathology, fire science, and forensic psychology.

Forensic Detectives is for students entering grade 9 and 10.

Tuition is $520 and includes all materials. Forensic Detectives runs Monday through Thursday 9:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Parent Day is on Friday; check schedule.


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